Cisco & Comcast use CVS for Live Webcast
September 07, 2010

When Cisco’s Public Relations Department wanted to co-host a live web event with Comcast, they turned to Creative Video Services for a one-stop production solution.
With the topic of the webinar being “The Role of Social Media in Customer Care”, it was imperative to both companies that the event was free of any technical glitches, and CVS knew exactly how to make that a reality.
The event, which featured Cisco and Comcast Vice Presidents, was live-switched with two cameras, graphics, and a software demo that showcased a new online customer service tool.  Creative Video Service’s multi-source “fly-pack” enabled director Frank Bella to seamlessly integrate the various sources, as well as lower-third titles and superimposed graphics which instructed the audience on how to chat and interact with the hosts.
The broadcast was then encoded live on-site and forwarded to U-Stream TV’s innovative and low cost webcasting solution. The U-Stream interface allowed CVS to manage the live webcast, which included a chat session, live questions via Twitter & Facebook, polling questions, and finally audience statistics.
The event was a huge success for both Cisco and Comcast.  Creative Video Services is ideally positioned to introduce this powerful and cost-effective communications tool to all of their clients.  “This levels the playing field for small and medium sized business”, Bella said immediately after the live event.  “Webcasting live to the world isn’t just for the big budget events, it’s now possible for everyone.”  U-Stream allows for no cost webcasting of any event from any venue with a decent internet connection. The client must accept the advertising run before the webcast, but the webcast quality is excellent. “Watching 30 seconds of advertising before each viewer begins to see the webcast is a trade-off for “free” that a client must accept, but it does represent a huge savings over traditional webcast methods. Webcasts can even be password protected to keep out replica handbags unwanted viewers”, said Bella.  Ad free webcasts are also possible with U-Stream for a fixed rate per webcast.
Creative Video Services is ideally positioned to be the vendor to set-up a U-Stream webcast for any live event. Contact their offices for more details.

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