The benefits of Using HD:
  • Six times the resolution (pixel elements) of traditional SD video!
  • Stunning images on Plasma and LCD screens now popular at trade shows, industry events, and Customer Briefing Centers.
  • Extremely fine detail in graphics, animations, product shots
  • Your video takes on a state of the art look and feel
  • Archive value of footage increases – ready for future HD projects
  • Your products look better to your audience & customers
  • HD can be converted to SD video for playback on legacy systems
The migration to High Definition video (HD) is now moving rapidly as new affordable technologies bring the cost of HD into line with traditional Standard Definition (SD) video. CVS is always at the forefront of new technologies and we’ve invested heavily in our HD capabilities. We bring affordable HD video production to the corporate market at pricing approaching SD levels. No longer is HD only for those projects with the mega budgets – you can now enjoy the benefits of HD video for every production.
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